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Hi my name is Tracey-Lee

Welcome to BluEyesMisty


What do your NIGHTMARE’s and BLISS look like?

Do you struggle to try and figure out where you fit in? Do you struggle to get through some of the simplest tasks, and wonder why?

Do you wake up and feel overwhelmed with emotions, or feel numb to yesterday and wonder what getting through today will look like?

We are all individuals full of emotions and feelings, it’s how we deal with them that matters. You are allowed to CRY, get ANGRY, be SAD, feel FRUSTRATED, LAUGH, SMILE, and be HAPPY. Some days it could feel like a roller coaster, it’s knowing when to get off.

Everyone has the ability to find their own happiness. Everyone has the power to shape and choose who they are. It comes down to having faith in one’s self, it’s trusting and loving who you are. Using your emotions and feelings in a positive way, without neglecting the negative ones. It’s finding your strength and understanding why you feel and what is causing these feelings.

You hear the phrase “Self Love” or “Self Care”…. This is not selfish it is important and needed. Think of yourself as the foundation and everything else around you the building, without a strong foundation the structure can fall.

Try to believe that finding your inner strength, your inner peace, and love for yourself is the foundation to a better you. Be the foundation to the life you desire and deserve.

Do you have something special you love to do, do you spend time on activities that make you smile and fill you will peace and joy? Do you draw, dance, sing, paint, run, write or just relax. Finding something you love to do just for you!

You Are Your Happiness

Share a smile, show kindness and believe in who you are.