My favourite places as a writer, and a photographer.

Favourite places as a writer

Inspiring places for peace and tranquility. Where do you go or what do you imagine when you need that time out to just think? Nature is so inspiring it helps one to reflect on what is going on. The ocean is constantly moving, the tides in and out and under the surface there is activity we cannot see. Why is water so calming? We are made up of mostly water, is it that connection that helps us keep calm near it? There is a different energy around different water sources. A pond which is still and calm generates a different feeling within. We may be made up of all this water, but our emotions interact with the elements also. Think about how you feel near a raging waterfall, now that energy is upbeat and fast, your heart seems to race and you feel energetic. The still pond is calm and your emotions reflect that, breathing slows down – its like breathing in the essence of the peace to fill the lungs with relaxation. A trickling stream, or gentle water fall is that in between. You feel calm and relaxed like the feeling when you are about to start your day.

Henley Beach, South Australia Video by Tracey-Lee ©2020

Adelaide has many peaceful and beautiful locations for photography and reflection.

This is the garden of imagination.

Adelaide Himeji Garden Video by Tracey-Lee © 2021
Adelaide Himeji Garden Video by Tracey-Lee © 2021

Whatever inspires you, whatever invokes the energy to keep moving – always remember there is also something inside of you creating the desire and inspiration to keep moving forward. Take the time to connect with you, because being alone is not the same as being lonely. We all need time with ourselves, so many people say “I am the only person who will be with me forever”