Stop to smell the Roses, as they say…..

We all have a story, we all have a past, we all have something that has touched our hearts.

How busy is your day? Do you go go go? Are you constantly doing and never seeing what you are rushing past? OR Do you take your time? Do you notice the smallest details or the slightest change in what is around you?

How do you see nature, is it just something that gives us shade or oxygen? OR Is nature there to support us with its beauty and vibrations, and us to support it keeping our lives as tranquil as possible?

With so much that has happened in 2020/2021, do you find you have changed – to how you used to be? OR Have you tried to go back or got back to what was your life before?

Adelaide HIMEJI Garden – Garden of Imagination

When I see something as beautiful as this garden, it creates a sense of tranquility and peace. Its the calm and energy it gives off, its like a gentle vibration to release any negative or unwanted feeling. To sit amongst these trees, to hear the water, and the birds. Closing the eyes and taking it all in, its like a sip of your favorite drink. That feeling you get when hugged by someone you care about, the laughter of children or sound of a babies first cry. Have you ever noticed the bark on trees, its like our own finger print, its there and unique.

Stop to smell the roses… take in all the beauty around you!

Let me tell you a story…

Last year in our summer, I was walking through a suburb called Norwood. Now there are so many things to see, man made but also nature – the trees are beautiful and provide shade on a hot day. I stopped at this one tree, it caught my eye, and as I looked up seeing the branches reaching out. They looked like veins just reaching out. This tree was not full with leaves, but it still was beautiful.

Now as I was looking up this tree a lady stopped, and said “Whats up there?” “Is there a cat?” I responded “No, I am just admiring its beauty” She stood there and was looking up at this tree. We started talking and noticing things about the tree, how the blue sky and a few clouds looked different through the tree.

Before she left on her way, she thanked me for the opportunity to stop and see the tree in a different lite. I thanked her for stopping and talking to me.

The point I want to make is, sometimes we are too busy getting from one point to the next. Yes we all have things that need to be done, we have livelihoods and time constraints. But will it hurt to stop now and then, to see what is around us, to see nature is there to support us and maybe give us that sense of calm that is greatly needed.

I mentioned at the beginning we all have a story and a past, maybe the next time you are feeling low, or a memory crosses your mind – good or bad. Why not get in touch with nature and see if you can feel the vibrations, the calm and the tranquility it offers. I know the water also creates this feeling.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on nature, and if you feel the same, or if it makes you feel something else.

Written by Missee Nelligan 30.04.2021

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When we are born, we think we have nothing. We have everything, we have blood pumping through our veins, we have air in our lungs and most times we have love thrust upon us…we have life. No matter what is in the past it doesn’t define who we are. Every day we have the opportunity to find and be the best version of ourselves. If I didn’t have my past I would not be where I am today – the ups and downs, the good the bad, the highs and lows, the everything in between. Grateful for what has been, grateful for what is to come, and blessed to have life, the most precious gift. I am honored to be featured in and grateful for this amazing opportunity to share my passion for photography and poetry.

Every opportunity that comes along, do we take it, do we overthink and not take the plunge? Working with the Universal Breakthrough Magazine has been an exciting, and humbling experience. Talking with these amazing writers is one thing, but for them to get to know me from my work and conversations has been a wonderful experience.

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Quotes of Inspiration and Love


We really hope you enjoy the inspiration below, life is so beautiful and full of love and kindness. We all have our own ideas, and we hope you can relate to this post. Always love to hear from our readers so please feel free to leave a comment below. Much love and happiness, with an inspirational boost.

You have a wonderful smile and when you share it with others
it makes others feel happy. When you see a smile does it make
you feel good inside? That feeling it helps others and yourself,
let your smile shine add some laughter in the mix and enjoy the
presence of happiness to fill your heart.
“Today is as awesome as your smile, your laughter and presence”.
This would be the best kind of day to be part of.

You are the only you, and you are great at it.
Stay focused on your dreams and passions, keep your desire to achieve alive.
No matter where you are in life remember its your life. You have the power to be anything you put your mind to.
Look in the mirror and tell yourself daily:
*I am ME!
*I am awesome
*I am worthy
*I am beautiful
Believe in who you are.

Not perfect
There is a saying that nobody is perfect, this is true as we are all human, So why strive for perfection, why try to be something that is impossible to reach? Accept and embrace your imperfections, as you really are amazing at being you.
Life has its bumps along the way, these bumps are blessings or lessons. Living a fulfilling life, a life of pushing your boundaries, of chasing your dreams, of having a passion to do or be anything you desire. Why do you think there are bucket lists, this is a chance to have a goal, to live a passion, to dream and achieve something you have always wanted. However, bucket lists are to be emptied and refilled …. Have you got a bucket list, have you achieved at least one thing on your list? Live your life the best way you can.

Be Kind
We tend to be tough on ourselves even for the smallest things. We are kind to others, but when it comes to our own criticism we are really our toughest critics. Why can’t we be kind to ourselves? The daily activity of being kind to yourself, tell yourself you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are handsome, you are great. Every day is different, and some days certainly can be tough, so please find it in you, to be kind. You are unique and you are amazing just the way you are

Self love is an act of kindness towards yourself, it is empowering, it is uplifting and it is necessary for a healthy happy life. By removing hate from your life you are allowing yourself to love on a deeper level. Finding your inner happiness and learning to love yourself for being you. There are many sayings about loving yourself, we are not talking about vanity or pride, we are talking about the true inner love and acceptance of who we are. Always remember no one is perfect, that is what makes us human. We should learn from our mistakes and have acceptance there will be mistakes. Find your inner self and love you

Is there ever such a thing as a perfect day?
Things can fall into place and seem perfect, if that the case go with it, and enjoy the outcome as your “Perfect Day”.
Some people smile constantly, this doesn’t mean they are always happy, it just means they have made a choice to smile and see the positive in their day. It takes a strong person to do this, they have the internal strength to keep going. They could be going through personal issues, concerns or heartaches, but they choose to keep their mindset positive. Why let one bad thing in your day ruin an entire day? Your mind is a powerful tool, it can really guide you and keep you where you want to be. Always remember that having a low, or bad day is OK too. Sometimes we need to have that emotional release, so no matter where you are in your day or life, there are always people out there who can listen and support you.

Poetry is such an amazing way to use words, to express how one feels. Being able to put pen to paper and create something unique, something beautiful yet something personal which can be felt by many. How can you be inspired, how can your inspiration help to create a poem or quote with love, inspiration and from the heart? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme, it matters how you feel and being able to express your thoughts. Love is one of the most beautiful emotions. Look at all the quotes, poetry and even love letter out there, all were written with one of the most powerful emotions we have LOVE. If you are in love, may it be fulfilling and beautiful, if love has touched your heart with sadness, hopefully your wounds are healed with knowledge of happy times, or you found your strength to get through. If you are on a journey of discovery, the one to find your true inner love, may it be deep and empowering.

Love is beautiful, love is personal and love is one of the best feelings, it is an emotion and one that makes your heart skip a beat. The deep love for another can also hurt, but this hurt helps to redefine love to everyone differently. The love a parent feels for their child, love of lovers, newly-weds and their ideals of their future together. Love has so many levels, there are many stages and everyone feels them differently. However, you love, however you find and see the love in others can melt your heart. Life is beautiful, and having love there makes it even more wonderful.
Hope you have loved, hope you have love and hope that love will always live in your heart.

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Poetry and Insight – You Are Your Happiness – Podcast

Poetry and Insightful thoughts – explore and click the links


PODCAST – Poetry

Writing is one way to express yourself, doing a podcast is another. Have you ever wanted to do this, or have you had someone say “do a podcast” Why not give it a go…Do you have something to say, something that others may be interested in, or just do it for your own enjoyment. Personally I have found some podcasts that were short and straight to the point, they seem to make a big statement and impact. Others longer still having something valuable to say.

What is your style of podcast, what do you like to listen to? Do you listen for meditation, entertainment or pure inspiration? Whatever your style of podcast, if you believe you have something you want to share, give it a go oh and you don’t have to share either.

Happy Podcasting, Happy Listening, Happy Talking

Inspirational quotes love happiness – Writing your thoughts and creating quotes or poetry.

There are many inspirational quotes around, with happiness and love also with positivity and smiling. They can bring an ease over you when feeling sad, they can boost your confidence, make you laugh or even make you smile. When you see something that catches your eye, something you find beautiful, what is that feeling you get inside or the smile it brings to your face?

How do you find your inspiration and how do you convert it into words?

What inspires you?

Think about a happy time, a celebration like a wedding, a graduation or a birth of a child. The cards and/or speeches are filled with quotes of happiness and love. What about the little comments you also add, to make the occasion feel even more special. Does it bring a smile to your face, does it fill your heart with a sense of love and admiration for that person or people? Those little comments and writing you place in the cards or speeches are your quotes, they are your thoughts to share happiness and love.

Above there are three pictures, do you find beauty in any of them?

The Flowers: they are white and bright, the centre is blue/black and yellow, and there are green leaves.

The Sunset: the sun is golden the ocean rippled but reflective and the sky blue and yellow tones with clouds.

The Church: it’s majestic, it’s old and sitting in front of a modern building, there is a clear blue sky.

Above there is a description of the pictures, yes it is minimal but it gives you an idea to start writing or creating an inspirational quote or a meme. Just think what inspires you may also inspire someone else. Your thoughts are visualized once put into text, by adding a photo or picture gives the quote more meaning or adds an even more personal touch.

The thing to remember is not to copy or use other peoples work or pictures.

Expressing your inspiration into a quote.

So you have analyzed the picture and you have a visual idea in your head. Your words are descriptive and have meaning so how will you put that into a poem, quote or phrase? Think of the flowers, we said they were white and bright.

Now you could make this rhyme or let it flow it’s up to you.

Example 1: Your petal are so white and bright, yet your center is so blue….

Example 2: Your bright white petals stand out among the green, your blue is an illusion…..

So, you can see there are ways to turn your thoughts into something special. It is your inspiration fueling you with ideas and images to create that quote, saying or poem. Why not give it a go, try to create something special just from you.

What influences your quotes or poetry?

You are inspired to write a quote, a poem or even a meme. Its inspirational, it’s full of love, happiness, laughter or makes you smile. But what is influencing you to write? Your surroundings will impact but also your emotions play a part. When you are happy or sad, if you are grieving or just having a low day these emotions can drive us to think certain ways.

When you see your friend, partner, lover or child what emotion do you feel? Let’s think of a good emotion, something happy and full of love. There is that feeling of love, happiness and joy, it fills you with a great feeling and even makes you smile from within. When you are sad or angry the emotion is less happy and what does that fill you with? Does it make you feel grumpy, blue or want to cry?

What ever emotional situation you are going through, there is an influence there to also create great quotes. As we are about happiness, love and positivity our quotes are reflective of upbeat and happy vibes. Seeing someone laughing or children paying creates those happiness and love feelings from within.

The below quote was written to represent how laughter and smiling is happiness.

Creating your inspirational quote, poem or meme.

You have the ability to be creative, and express your own poem or quote. Some people find it easy to write, and it seems to flow like water out of the tap. Don’t be discouraged, find your inspiration make notes or dot point words that come to your mind. How are you feeling when you are writing, what type of theme with your quote be? Will it be full of happiness, laughter love or excitement, or will it be reflective of sadness, loss or a broken heart? Which every way you are going to write believe in your abilities and creativity, take a chance and give it a go.

You can create something Amazing.

We hope this has been helpful and you feel you can write something inspirational, try your hand at poetry or even memes. If you have never written and have the desire to do something, use the steps above as a guide, to find your inspiration and influence on writing. If have created something and want to share we would love to hear from you, just remember we all started at the same point ….the beginning.

If you are a writer and have other ways of finding your inspiration and influences, we would love you to leave a comment. Maybe your influence and experience will be beneficial to someone starting out.

Everyone has their own style and process in writing, it’s the way you adapt what you know and have learned into something special to you. The only thing is to give it a try, piece those words together and create your own masterpiece. Create something that is only for you, for a special occasion or that someone special.

“Writing gives you the ability to express your thoughts and desires into text”

“Writing gives you the chance to share your emotions and feelings into something creative and unique.