It’s All Connected

It’s All Connected

Poetry and photography.

Missee Nelligan has combined her three books into one “It’s All Connected”:

  • You Are Your Happiness
  • Don’t Stop
  • Smile For You

This book is available in Paperback and Hard Cover online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites.

It's All Connected
Photography and poetry to capture your heart.

A little about the book:

Nature, people, and places can bring us so much joy. Where it be in our own back yard or by traveling the world.  I have not been everywhere, but the places visited, people met and sights seen have captured my heart. This book was a joy to write, the poetry just flowed looking at the photos.

Nature has this wonderful energy, from the surge of a waterfall to the tranquility of a lake, the sunset, or sunrise. Stopping and taking in what is seen is not always the outcome you want in a photo. Seeing it with our own eyes pierces the heart, imprisons the soul, and captivates the mind.

People are as unique as a fingerprint, a smile, the glimmer in their eyes, their posture, their laughter… We all have something different yet we are the same. Some people are shy but say so much with the expressions on their faces. Some people are loud and energetic, yet they also have their inner quiet. That is the beauty in us all, we all have something we want or do not want to share, but it is there.

Next time you are out and about taking the time to see what you are not seeing. What I see will be something different from what you see. “It’s All Connected” captures your thoughts of what you see, I have just shared what I see.

This book shares the beauty of our wonderful with poetry inspired by it all.

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