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There are other sites where Missee Nelligan can be found, these sites are to support authors and another option to read about them other than their own website.

The Universal Breakthrough is an online Magazine, where you can find articles written about Missee Nelligan and her books. Any writer/ author can write about themselves but to have someone else write and express an opinion tends to hold more weight. You can’t tell people what to think or write, so to have someone else do it is actually insightful. Any review is a good thing, how else does one know what others are thinking.

Good Read’s is an excellent site for readers and authors, why not check out Missee Nelligan’s page and comments.

Amazon is an excellent site for readers and authors, why not check out Missee Nelligan’s profile page.

I was asked the question “Who is Missee Nelligan?” why not use your own name?

I love photography, I wanted to use my real name for that, also there are plenty of writers who use a pen name. Having the pen name for writing and my real name as the photographer really seemed so simple. Although we are the same person it adds a bit of fun and maybe it has some intrigue.

I was asked to guest speak at TOL – Talk Out Loud Australia, and one person I met there actually thought my name was Missee, he called me that and spoke about my books and my story to others. He told me when someone said Tracey-Lee his response was…Who is that? This made me chuckle, because Missee is a different name and does raise a few eyebrows.

The name is not as important as the poetry and photography in these books. The books may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they will touch those who are willing to read, or those who see something within themselves through the writing. I never believed I could write until an amazing person pointed it out to me. Someone who could see something in me others could not, to this I will always be indebted to them. All my life I knew there was something more, I am a creative person, I can’t draw or paint but I do have an eye for detail which does see things differently.

Who knows this could be what I was meant to do in this lifetime – I know I truly enjoy writing and photography. I keep hearing the good old saying “Follow Your Heart”