Manhattan, New York City ©2020

New York

“A city that never sleeps”

I find this city to be colorful, vibrant and exciting. Walking the streets and capturing everything it has on offer. The lights at night dazzle your eyes. Seeing the sun rising between the buildings. The locals are charming and friendly. This city is one to call home.

New York – You are the apple of my eyes.

Photo taken by Tracey-Lee

Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland Photo taken by Tracey-Lee ©2020

Baltimore – “Charm City”

This is a city that captured my heart. The history, the buildings, the people, where is it situated on the harbor. There is a sense of hustle and bustle, but the locals will stop and chat. Having a coffee, or happy hour at one of the bars, they are friendly suggesting spots to visit. Walking the streets and seeing the history up close makes one appreciate the beauty of this city.