Mount Lofty Gardens

Mount Lofty – Tranquility

A peaceful place to reflect and appreciate.

Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens, South Australia Video by Tracey-Lee ©2021

Walking with nature, feeling the energy from the sun. Nature has a way of connecting with us on many levels. A walk in the forest or woods, a walk along the beach, river or lake. When in nature and there is no one else around, stop and listen….what do you hear?

The birds chirping close up and in the distance, here in Australia the Kookaburra’s and Galah’s have a uniue sound. The wind in the trees rustling the leaves and skimming the flowers and shrubs. The air is full of fragrances we sometimes miss while in the city. As the clouds cover the sun and the tall trees cool the path, the air feels different. Its colder and fresher, have you ever felt it to be heavier? The sun reappears and the air lightens up the path seems brighter.

Mount Lofty Gardens cover a larger area in the Adelaide Hills, if you are only there for a short time, believe me you would not have seen much – unless you were on a run or on a mission to get through quickly. These gardens wether you start at the top or the bottom are well worth the visit.

The water sparkling in the sun, the ducks swimming and who knows maybe fish swimming. Spending over three hours walking through these gardens, slowly at that, stopping and admiring every inch possible. I don’t think nature is appreciated as much as it should be, the oxygen it provides, the calm and the tranquility. All over the world there are beautiful places, I have not seen them all, but I would like to try and see as much as I can.

These havens of nature provide homes to other beautiful living things, plants and animals. What a beautiful world we live in, every chance I get I stop and take in the calming and tranquil surroundings.

Natures energy is vital to every living thing.