Stop to smell the Roses, as they say…..

We all have a story, we all have a past, we all have something that has touched our hearts.

How busy is your day? Do you go go go? Are you constantly doing and never seeing what you are rushing past? OR Do you take your time? Do you notice the smallest details or the slightest change in what is around you?

How do you see nature, is it just something that gives us shade or oxygen? OR Is nature there to support us with its beauty and vibrations, and us to support it keeping our lives as tranquil as possible?

With so much that has happened in 2020/2021, do you find you have changed – to how you used to be? OR Have you tried to go back or got back to what was your life before?

Adelaide HIMEJI Garden – Garden of Imagination

When I see something as beautiful as this garden, it creates a sense of tranquility and peace. Its the calm and energy it gives off, its like a gentle vibration to release any negative or unwanted feeling. To sit amongst these trees, to hear the water, and the birds. Closing the eyes and taking it all in, its like a sip of your favorite drink. That feeling you get when hugged by someone you care about, the laughter of children or sound of a babies first cry. Have you ever noticed the bark on trees, its like our own finger print, its there and unique.

Stop to smell the roses… take in all the beauty around you!

Let me tell you a story…

Last year in our summer, I was walking through a suburb called Norwood. Now there are so many things to see, man made but also nature – the trees are beautiful and provide shade on a hot day. I stopped at this one tree, it caught my eye, and as I looked up seeing the branches reaching out. They looked like veins just reaching out. This tree was not full with leaves, but it still was beautiful.

Now as I was looking up this tree a lady stopped, and said “Whats up there?” “Is there a cat?” I responded “No, I am just admiring its beauty” She stood there and was looking up at this tree. We started talking and noticing things about the tree, how the blue sky and a few clouds looked different through the tree.

Before she left on her way, she thanked me for the opportunity to stop and see the tree in a different lite. I thanked her for stopping and talking to me.

The point I want to make is, sometimes we are too busy getting from one point to the next. Yes we all have things that need to be done, we have livelihoods and time constraints. But will it hurt to stop now and then, to see what is around us, to see nature is there to support us and maybe give us that sense of calm that is greatly needed.

I mentioned at the beginning we all have a story and a past, maybe the next time you are feeling low, or a memory crosses your mind – good or bad. Why not get in touch with nature and see if you can feel the vibrations, the calm and the tranquility it offers. I know the water also creates this feeling.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on nature, and if you feel the same, or if it makes you feel something else.

Written by Missee Nelligan 30.04.2021